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My blog & me

I've been a licensed amateur radio operator since 1958, though I was off the air for a long stretch in the 1970s and 1980s. 

From the very beginning, I have been as interested in tinkering - repairing, designing, building gear - as much as operating.  In this photo from my early days, several home brew projects are visible.  (My mother would never have allowed a photo of my basement workshop and "junk box."


My primary mode is now CW (morse code).


I created this blog to document and share some of my ideas and projects. Some of the entries have been published previously, e.g. in "QRP Quarterly" and others are new. I'll be interested in your feedback.

I am also a serious photographer and have photographed professionally during my career.  Some of my current photography and my photo books may be seen at

73 - Howard K4LXY

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